Global Procurement & Services


Global Procurement aims to utilize global efficiencies in the delivery of your material. Our partnerships allow us to achieve the ideal purchase: targeting value, product quality, and an optimal logistics solution to save time and money.

With printing prices dropping due to a rise in productivity of a new generation of printing and copying equipment on one hand and increasing shipping costs on the other, outsourcing production closer to the destination points seems like an obvious choice, but not an easy one. RFN, Inc has affiliate print and manufacturing facilities in North and South America and Europe. We specialize in print production and print production management of product types including, but not limited to, books, calendars, catalogs, posters, digital media, retail packaging, displays, journals, banners, cartons, magazines and much more. Our model reinforces successful execution on meeting difficult schedules including any type of time sensitive materials. Publishing services also include editorial, design / layout, proofing and logistics.